T&C's surfboard journey started in 1971 in Pearl City Hawaii, when a young Craig Sugihara (T&C's founder) converted an old  barber shop, into T&C's first surfboard shop, selling boards in the front, while shaping, glassing (and sleeping!) out the back.

      Over the last 50 years, T&C has worked with many of the world's best surfers and shapers, and still today, when the world’s best surfers arrive in Hawaii, for many of them, a stop at T&C's board factory, for a fresh batch of Glenn Pang rifles, is the first item on the list.

      Australian master shapers Gunther Rohn and Ian Byrne round out the shaping team. We are incredibly thankful that such a talented group of shapers have chosen to work with T&C.

      Our board range is diverse, combining incredible performance and goods looks with a whole lot of fun. From mid lengths and twins, through to finely tuned Hawaiian performance boards and serious big wave guns.  

      Dive in, and Stay Stoked!

      15 products

      15 products