Retro 88 Surfboard Review

In this 2nd episode of Board Talk, new school gun slinger Coby Perkovich sits down with legendary Nth Coast shaper Gunther Rohn, to review the Retro 88 thruster.

Gunther has been shaping on and off for Town & Country in Australia since the 1980’s, and has shaped thousands of boards bearing the yin yang logo, including the magic carpet that Nicky Wood, as a 16 y.o, rode through the trials to victory at Bells in 1987. To this day, Nicky remains the youngest surfer to ever ring the bell.

The Retro 88 is a nod to that era, fine-tuned for the modern era. As Gunther would say, he’s kept everything that worked from that era, and scrapped all the stuff that didn’t.

The board paddles easy with plenty of volume up front. It’s fast, manoeuvrable, and deadly from rail to rail.

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