Kolton Sullivan Fires Up the Saint in Indo

Given a Saint twinnie to ride as a part of the 2019 Tracks Ride Guide, San Clemente's Kolton Sullivan put the iconic green and yellow sled to work, across some dreamy indo reefs.

When asked what he loved about the Saint, he replied "My favourite thing about the board is probably how it handles going over foam balls when you’re in the barrel. The thing was like a fucking truck, it just didn’t stop. You’d bounce over everything and just keep going. Its great"

Check this clip for all the action, and read on for more of Kolton's insights on how  the board performed.


Kolton Sullivan -

"My first impression on the T & C was that it looked great. The deck was pretty flat on it, and like, as far as the rocker goes, and the nose was pretty round and so it was pretty interesting to look at. But the tail of the board looks insane, and it ended up working out great in barrels, which surprised me because a lot of twin fins backside, kind a slide or track, or do weird things, but this one kind a went straight and really fast and worked insane. Definitely want to keep riding it a bunch more.

"Yeah the boards great. It goes super fast down the line definitely connects turns well. There’s no drag from that trailer fin so definitely can go fast if you hit the right sections. Good all around board if you come off the bottom you get shit tons of speed. You can go as fast as you want."

Photo: @swillpics

Video: @mister_clips
Music: @honeyhayzeband "Fly"