South Coast Strike Mission

Tucked away on a small side street.
Down the south coast of NSW.
Some three and a half hours from Sydney.
Sits a bright blue house.
A rendezvous point for a motley crew of stoke seekers.
Hell bent on finding something to shred.
On a quick Town & Country product testing session.

On arrival, a selection of T&C sleds, wetsuits, and boxes of clothes marked with the Yin Yang spilled out of the cars.
Alongside young gun Arch Whiteman, Oscar Langburne, Jamie Krups and Seb Raubenheimer.
The forecast showed enough swell to warrant optimism.
And armed with strong coffee and a fresh tank of fuel.
The boys set out each morning to explore the coastal tracks.
To find a section or two to rip through.

The following forty-eight hours dialled in plenty of missed turns.
Hot pies.
Fun waves.
Crowd circumnavigation.
And visits to the nearest watering hole.
Oscar and Arch took to the water and provided a beautiful dichotomy of grunt and finesse.
Putting each board to test.
From high line to fin-throw.
Out of the water, the autumn chill and the south coast terrain gave a trial by combat for our latest T&C wears.

Missed clips.
Lost film.
Car breakdowns.
And dodgy Indian food.
Were balanced out by 5-hour power sessions.
And 6-packs broken out in huddle around Jacksons portable desktop for the nightly clip review.

With the sun coming up for the third and final time.
Having done their bit to perpetuate the stoke and Aloha spirit along Australia’s southern coastline.
The cars were filled back up.
And the bright blue house tucked itself back into the side street.
With a few more surf stories to tell.

Catch the edit below.