Billy Kemper Interview > Part 1: Nothing Good In Life Comes Easy.


"Nothing Good In Life Comes Easy" - Billy Kemper interview; Morocco, Drugs & Rockstars, Part 1 of 3. We sat down with @billykemper shortly after his historic participation in The Eddie that ran on January 22, 2023.

It's been 3 years since Billy narrowly escaped death after his crazy surf injury in Morocco. That event set in motion a paradigm shift in Billy's life that effected his views, motivations, goals and outlook to how he was living his life. He had to move away from partying, drugs and unhealthy habits. Family, health, training and perspectives all shifted to make him an even better version of himself. 

Billy talks about what has been going on leading into this winter. It all culminated at The Eddie when the Bay Called The Day. Truly, a magical day with an epic swell, perfect wind conditions and competitors ready to take it on. Legends were made and solidified, and the big wave brotherhood was bound even deeper. It wasn't just about competition but about watermen who got to test and display their skills they have dedicated their life too. 

This 3 Part series delves into Billy Kemper's journey to the Day at the Bay. A crazy road of epic swells, terrible injuries and shear determination with a bit of good luck that allowed Billy Kemper to participate throughout the 2022/2023 winter season. 

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